Construction and construction supply

Within the construction and real estate sector, a configurator does not seem obvious, but appearances can be deceiving. There are many applications for making great efficiency improvements. In this sector too, many documents are made to make the leap from idea to product. For example, these can be (rental) agreements, but also working drawings or quotations. Click on the appropriate niche to see specific examples.

Construction Supply
Real Estate


There are countless possible applications of a configurator in the construction business: to generate quotations but also to make standardization easier, generate contracts or other documents that require specific knowledge from your employees.

A configurator enables the usage of that specific knowledge, to display it and to prevent (human) errors. Making choices together with your customer where the impact on your various departments becomes immediately visible and what it means for the (near) future in terms of purchasing, labor, storage, etc. is no longer a utopia by using CPQing as sales software. Linking with most other software packages is possible, which means that errors are also prevented.

  • Rental contracts
  • Purchase contracts
  • Building Decree
  • Construction quotation
  • Work preparation
  • Production receipts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Subcontractor contracts
  • Operating budget
  • Blueprint
  • Bill of Material
  • Installation guides

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