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Make your product visible with visualisation technologies

Help your client decide what's best for them

By using visualisation technology that shows the user only those choices that are actually possible, only decisions are made that are correct and producable.

Take control over your business processes

Quality improvement

By making offers that are 100% correct you get more grip on sales, production, stock management, procurement and prognosis.

At home in every market

Usable for (almost) every industry

A configurator is applicable to (almost) every industry for making quotations, documents or decisions. Click on the button below for an overview of all our examples.

The best configuration software at very sharp prices

CPQing delivers configuration software and services for the modern, visually focused entrepreneur. By using our product and sales configurator you will see your procurement and sales processes get way more easy and completely error-free. Your salesmen and clients kan go through the sales process together or on their own and put through every producable modification or personal preference. This can be visualised instantly and in this way become almost tangible – even though it’s still on a screen! CPQing makes use of the best rule engine in the market at the sharpest price.

CPQing Solutions can supply you with an all-in-one package for your 3d configurator.

CPQ software will help you to optimalise your quotation and order process and has a positive impact on your entire firm. CPQ is an acronym for ‘ Configure, Price, Quote‘ and facilitates your business in putting together your customer’s ideal solution, calculating the correct price and generating a (quotation) document with images and illustrations in every desirable language.

CRM is about keeping in touch with the client and safeguarding your external relations. ERP is mainly focused on the throughput of orders and production up until the quotation thereof. CPQ is about what solution you offer your client, for what price, at what delivery time and under which other conditions.

Basically: CPQing is about those things that really matter: creating a grip on and insight in your offer process. Procurement, sales, inventory, production, design, finance: everyone benefits from a CPQing configurator!


Using your configuration rules the software guarantees producable choices for every customer, salesman and merchant...


By including the price calculation in the configuration process there can be no mistakes in the offer...


After the right product is configured with your configuration rules and priced correctly, you can easily transfer this information to a document...


Especially with online sales, a functional product configurator is indispensable in the sales process of a product or service...

Wat makes us unique

Why we simply offer the very best package:

CPQings software has unrivaled amounts of functionality

We started developing the software for CPQing in 2004. At the present time we offer our clients the fifth generation of this software and so we keep delivering the most modern configurator in the market. Because of this, it is an impossibility that our clients offer the same amount of functionality despite being in the trade for just a few years. Our motto is therefore: ‘We have solutions for problems you haven’t thought of yet.’ We can deal with your most complex system of product and price rules easily.

People from the trade design and manage the software themselves

Not the IT department, but your sales people know which information is necessary to sell your products and services. Therefore, it’s these people that should be able to store their knowledge in the configurator. Therefore, you need absolutely no IT knowledge whatsoever to shape and personalise the CPQing configurator succesfully.

CPQing has the best balance of price vs functionality on the market

CPQing offers its software as a much smaller investment than you’ll expect. You will find our prices much more advantageous than those of our competitors. We are happy to provide you with a calculation.

Customization is as easy as pie

The implementation of our software takes several days. Not several weeks. Registering product and price rules is done in ‘decision tables’ and is very easy and gives you an excellent overview. This is not only true for products and services with few variants and features, but also for companies that need to handle a larger complexity. And it stays true – also if a perhaps different person has taken over the administration a year from now.

We have great flexibility in developing the user interface

Where others are doggedly presenting information to the user in a single way, we offer you every bit of freedom in this area. For the employees within your firm you can create a different user interface than for merchants or visitors on your website. With this we even offer you the possibility to guide your end consumers in the buying process. We call this ‘Form follows Function’.

We are CPQ specialists with a focus on connectivity

We are proud to say CPQing is a specialist in our area. We do not want to provide you with a ERP or CRM system in disguise and therefore we offer a seamless integration with your existing software for an optimal workflow. Our solution is cloud based and has an open API. Our people have the necessary experience to automate even your workflow.

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