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We could of course tell you what our software does for our customers. We would rather let our customers tell you themselves what they can do with our CPQ software. On this page we put them in the spotlight! Want to know more? Click on the button next to a story and read the detailed story.



We often don’t think about it: how do the lead-heavy safes of ATMs get into place? Or big industrial coolers of soft drink brands? Or public transport gates? There is a huge process of logistics, installation and maintenance behind that. This is precisely what Rollema is strong in. Transporting large, heavy objects requires specialist knowledge. Bekijk »

MB Veranda

Verandas, canopies and garden rooms: they have become increasingly popular in recent years. MB Veranda makes and delivers these products, standard or customised. When you order a product, it is of course convenient that all materials are in stock. This way, deliveries can be made quickly. There was insufficient insight into the stocks of basic Bekijk »

Frissen Groen Techniek

Both in the Netherlands and through a subsidiary in Germany, Frissen Groen Techniek supplies garden & park, industrial, sweeping and cleaning machines. For the latter category, the organisation had commissioned a configurator years ago. As the supplier stopped further development, Frissen Groen Techniek decided to take over. This resulted in a configurator that became very Bekijk »

Sky Lite Holland

Sky-Lite Holland has been building high-quality flight cases, crates and boxes since the 20thth century. These have to be able to withstand rough handling, which requires solid materials. From material selection to design and production: it all takes place in the Netherlands. Every flight case contains the right combination of properties for optimal quality for Bekijk »

PK Solutions

A supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, the Belgian organisation PK Solutions ensures continuity for its customers. Outages of power, systems and loss of data result in the loss of time and money. PK Solutions ensures that its clients stay up and running 24/7. However, this 24/7 availability mentality was not yet evident in Bekijk »

Ellens Landbouwtechniek B.V.

After years of working in agricultural mechanisation, Ellens Landbouwtechniek B.V. started producing agricultural machinery under the name Samon in 1978. This became a huge success and in the meantime, the company develops, produces and delivers 200 to 300 agricultural machines for harvesting onions every year. These machines are sold worldwide with the help of a Bekijk »

Peeters Interieur BV

We all need them in our home: doors. However, the options are many. Sliding doors, block doors or pivoting doors. In a country style, modern or with a steel look. Plenty of choice! Peeters Interieur BV specialises in these interior doors and with sister organisation Adooré, where about 15 dealers do their shopping, they are Bekijk »

MTE Catalyst Support

When you think of ceramics you may think of beautiful vases or luxurious tableware. But MTE Catalyst Support BV uses ceramics for completely different purposes. With ceramics they create the best environment for catalysts. This catalyst support is used in many shapes and sizes in the refining, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer industries. As part of Bekijk »

Meeberg ISO Tanks

Every day, both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids are transported around the world by water, rail or road. Those liquids are contained in different types of containers. What type of container and what (protective) coatings are needed depends on the type of liquid. Meeberg ISO Tanks B.V. produces these tank containers according to the appropriate ISO Bekijk »

BK Market Trailers

From Barneveld, BK Market Trailers sells self-propelled and towed sales trailers. From trailers for roasted nuts to trailers for delicious Asian snacks, from donut to cheese stalls, from fish to fruit trailers – BK Market Trailers provides custom trailers for every market trade!


In picturesque Milsbeek lies Wientjens: a traditional Dutch family business that develops, produces, supplies and maintains for industrial washing machines and steam cleaners. The (energy-saving) installations of Wientjens recycle dirty water into clean, usable water for washing machines and washing lines.   Bekijk »


Snacks, healthy sandwiches, soft drinks or non-food products. You can find it all in the Vending@Work vending machines. From their locations in Nieuwegein, Nijmegen and Groningen, Vending@Work provides other companies, schools and public spaces with a varied range of refreshments. Bekijk »

VDP Industries

For 20 years now, VDP Industries has ensured the maximum availability of machine parks at the lowest possible cost. In the 2000 m² workshop a specialized and experienced team carries out daily maintenance and repair work on electric motors, industrial drives and pumps. This full-service company was looking for a configurator to improve the checklist Bekijk »

Van Zelst Automaten

Since 1975, family business Van Zelst Automaten has been supplying coffee machines and vending machines: for the small garage on the corner to large holdings with branches throughout the Netherlands. The company has now grown into a serious player with four branches where approximately 100 employees are active – but what makes them unique is Bekijk »

Tiktak/Segafredo Zanetti

Tiktak/Segafredo Zanetti Nederland BV : an impressive name for an impressive company. The Dutch branch of this real coffee empire is run from beautiful Groningen. Because the organization is growing, there was a capacity shortage in the office. As a result, there was a lot of pressure to draw up correct quotations. A problem that Bekijk »

Staka Metallics

Staka is a major player in the control cabinet market. In addition, Staka is one of the two largest players in the roof hatch market and they export to various European countries. They mainly supply to contractors, installers and intermediaries. At their main location in Oosterhout, North Brabant, all their products start as stainless steel Bekijk »

Roelofsen Raalte

Roelofsen, based in Raalte, supplies various types of unique horse transport solutions: from the well-known Parados model for two horses, to luxury horse trucks with kitchen, living room and more facilities than the average hotel room has. Roelofsen was looking for a tool with which the sales department could draw up quotations more efficiently. It Bekijk »

Reiger suspension

A traditional Dutch company with a worldwide dealer network: that is how Reiger Suspension works. This company develops and produces shock absorbers. Their specialty is the development of shock absorbers for extreme conditions in car and motorsport. The team of about 60 employees works hard every day to achieve the set goals. And to achieve Bekijk »

MB sportswear

“Our mission is to translate the fun, passion and love we have for the sport into a revolutionary line of high functional sportswear. We want to offer every athlete who puts their heart and soul into the sport the opportunity to experience it in a cool outfit of high quality.” – according to the Son Bekijk »


Inoxal is run from Beerse in Flanders: specialist in stainless steel. Since its start in 1990, the company’s focus has been on producing stainless steel custom furniture for the catering industry, food industry, laboratory sector, etc. Bekijk »

Eribel Solid

With more than 25 years of craftsmanship, Eribel Solid is an experienced and reliable project partner in the production and installation of interior doors, interior finishing and joinery solutions in wood. The company itself produces the frames for the doors that parent company Eribel sells. Eribel sends Eribel Solid an Excel file with the door Bekijk »

ABK Innovent

Modern, sleek and carefully produced: ABK Innovent supplies stainless steel worktops, kitchen worktops, extractor hoods and sinks to the business market. This Dutch company is located in the east of the Netherlands and is part of Dumaco Varsseveld and from now on uses the CPQing Configurator!   Bekijk »

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