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Do I need CPQing?

Improving business processes should always be on the radar. CPQing helps you improve the quotation and order processes. With CPQing you only use what you need and you never pay too much. An optimization of this process will affect all other business processes. Configurations are 100% correct and can always be produced. The finance department receives fewer questions because prices are correct. The engineering department has to do repetitive work less oftenly.

What uses does a configurator have?

In the past, configurators were mainly used to provide sales office and field staff with a quotation generation tool. This is still possible. But CPQing Solutions’ advanced software also makes it possible to support a wider distribution network. Think foreign offices, dealers and agents. CPQing makes even the most complex products understandable for everyone.

What is CPQ?

CPQ is an acronym for ‘Configure’, ‘Price’, ‘Quote’. It supports all processes between your CRM and ERP application: where these applications lack functionality to support the quotation and order process, CPQ applications do have this function.

What is the difference between a product and a sales configurator?

The difference between a product and a sales configurator is very slight. Some experts claim it is more of a difference of interpretation. Here at CPQing we see that the term ‘product configurator’ is mainly used for the correct processing of orders in your ERP application, while a sales configurator makes the sales process more convenient – especially for sales teams or dealers who work remotely. No worries though; CPQing can be used for both applications.

What are the costs of a configurator?

The most important costs of a configurator are not in the purchase or the implementation process, but in all the years in which you use and manage the CPQ application. That is also the reason that CPQing puts the management (and also the implementation) of the software in the hands of your own people. This means you don’t need to ask an expensive consultant for every trifle. CPQing’s software is delivered on the basis of the SaaS (Software-as-a-Services) principle. We provide the best price-for-quality CPQ solution in the market and you can cancel every month.

Can I put the configurator on my (Wordpress) site?

Naturally this is possible. CPQing integrates into any type of website. The integration with your website is done in 2 minutes, just by adding a few lines of code. And the great thing is that you can use your website’s stylesheet to give CPQing the same look and feel as the rest of the pages.

How connectable is a configurator?

CPQing is very easy to link to various other applications. The most important question is: what is really necessary for my process? However, links with various ERP, CRM, CAD and E-commerce applications have already been realized. We have a standard connector available for various applications. Below you will find a number of links that are already available. Is your desired link not listed? Call us, a connection can probably be made anyway!

How many rules can I add to the configurator?

This question puts a strong emphasis on the difference of our product with that of other CPQ systems. Where the software of other suppliers with similar prices only offers room for a handful of knowledge rules, with CPQing you can add thousands of rules and still keep a good overview. This is because CPQing registers the knowledge rules in insightful decision tables and not in Excel-like formulas.

What languages are available for the configurator?

Not only the user interface but all documents can be delivered in any language – independent of the knowledge rules. Combinations are also possible: you can use an English user interface to send a Spanish document to South America.

How does CPQing handle different rights and merchants?

CPQing has an advanced system of “roles & rights”. This gives you control over which products a specific merchant may offer. But a merchant can also send a quotation document with his/her own letter layout. With CPQing, this is all very normal.

I still have an unanswered question.

The employees of CPQing Solutions have muchexperience in the CPQ industry. Feel free to give us a call with all your questions. We are happy to answer them.

Feel free to call us on 088 637 52 37 or fill in the contact form here!

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