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The applications of our CPQ software is very wide. This is reflected in the diversity of customers that successfully deploy our software, but we are happy to go further. That is why we share background information, inspiration and possible purpose of our software here. In this way we give you a total picture of the possibilities and how CPQing Solutions can support you in this. Do you have an interesting blog topic in mind, or a question you want to discuss? Then contact us without obligation.

Optimize collaboration between customer, sales and production with the link between Ridder iQ and Merkato Essentials

A common misconception about a CPQ solution like Merkato Essentials is that this tool mainly focuses on optimizing the sales process and issuing error-free, consistent quotes in the right corporate identity. However, that is only one of the advantages. When you really use the power of a CPQ solution, you use it to optimize the Bekijk »

Exact Online x CPQing Configurator

Clear product variations of composite articles in no time at all! Many companies rely on the handy and therefore popular ERP package Exact Online to keep track of their accounting and stock management. If your entire range is provided with parts lists, you can gain insight into the current situation with just a few mouse Bekijk »

Why Excel is not a suitable configuration tool

In the world of business configuration, choosing the right tools to meet the needs of your organization is essential. Although Microsoft Excel is a widely used program, it has certain limitations that make it less suitable as a configuration tool. In this article, we will discuss Excel’s shortcomings and why it is important to look Bekijk »

BK Market Trailers

From Barneveld, BK Market Trailers sells self-propelled and towed sales trailers. From trailers for roasted nuts to trailers for delicious Asian snacks, from donut to cheese stalls, from fish to fruit trailers – BK Market Trailers provides custom trailers for every market trade! Bekijk »

Construction supply company, but still without a configurator?

Treat yourself to the benefits! Within construction supply companies, the use of a configurator is increasingly common. We understand this trend very well, of course. After all, there are numerous imaginable applications with which a configurator can provide great efficiency gains. This also applies to construction supply companies. Bekijk »

Peeters Interieur BV

We all need them in our home: doors. However, the options are many. Sliding doors, block doors or pivoting doors. In a country style, modern or with a steel look. Plenty of choice! Peeters Interieur BV specialises in these interior doors and with sister organisation Adooré, where about 15 dealers do their shopping, they are Bekijk »

Staff shortage? Bet on automation!

The national staff shortage has been in control of the news for months. Recruitment campaigns, posters and printed cars with “colleagues wanted” have become the new street scene. There are also alternative solutions for some of these entrepreneurs. Thanks to smart automation, for example, you can grow without taking extra staff. Bekijk »

The configurator as a dynamic questionnaire

It goes without saying that the Merkato Essentials can be used as a ‘classic’ configurator that optimizes and automates all kinds of business processes. After all, that is the core of the software. But there is also an increasing demand for the use of a configurator as a dynamic questionnaire: based on dependent knowledge rules. Bekijk »

Quotation documents that attract attention

The importance of a carefully drawn up and correct quotation is sometimes underestimated. This is remarkable, since the quotation plays a major role in the customer’s choice process in practically every industry. The content and visual attractiveness of a quotation are of course important, but so is the time it takes to issue it. Bekijk »

Workflow improvement

By optimizing the workflow, or using people, resources and time as effectively as possible, a lot can be gained. Especially if you already work with an e-commerce platform that your customers are familiar with. How a webshop product configurator can improve the workflow of your organization. Bekijk »

Excel vs. CPQ: Optimizing Quotation Processes for Business Growth

Excel spreadsheets are probably the most commonly used method to apply CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote). But Excel is also frequently used to make (complex) price calculations or to arrive at a quotation. Whether they are small (start-up) or large companies, whether they work in the coffee industry, industry or the construction supply industry, we see Bekijk »

Sales configurator for international sales

A sales organization can also have complex structures. Especially if you work and work internationally with dealers, resellers, agents, importers or a combination of these. Moreover, there is usually also an internal sales department. How can a configurator help keep control. Bekijk »

Product configurator for hot drink vending machines

In this blog we look at a specific application of our product configurator: the coffee industry. We are happy to take you through the possibilities of our software in this specific sector, but we are also happy to show you how diverse the usability is at the same time. The product configurator is not only Bekijk »

Products with different dimensions

Automation is the future! But while one construction company is perhaps a bit skeptical, the other can no longer live without it. In all layers of the organization, in almost all branches, but certainly also at building supplies, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to sell tailor -made products. Bekijk »

MTE Catalyst Support

When you think of ceramics you may think of beautiful vases or luxurious tableware. But MTE Catalyst Support BV uses ceramics for completely different purposes. With ceramics they create the best environment for catalysts. This catalyst support is used in many shapes and sizes in the refining, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer industries. As part of Bekijk »

Create a product configurator

Making or building a product configurator sounds like an incredibly complicated process. This is also what some parties would have you believe. But for anyone with standard product knowledge, what is possible and what is not, it is actually quite simple. Especially with our CPQ software. The backend of CPQing Solutions consists of a rules Bekijk »

Product configurator software explained

Most of you know by now what exactly a product configurator does. If you would like to know more about this, please readthis blog. But what not everyone can pinpoint exactly is what product configurator software does exactly, what options there are and how this software can be used within your company or organization. In Bekijk »

What is a (product) configurator

If you have ever been able to put together a product (or service) online to your own liking or intended use, you have probably already seen a configurator in operation. One use of such a configurator is for putting together anything from cars to shoes, but a product configurator can also help the customer (and Bekijk »

Sales configurator vs. Product configurator

If you know what a configurator is, you will soon come across two terms; sales configurator and product configurator. In this blog we will discuss both terms, what they mean and how they differ from each other. You can then decide for yourself which type of configurator is best for your organization. It is good Bekijk »

From calculation to configuration

Many companies still work with calculation sheets to prepare their quotation documents. In fact, such a calculation system is the predecessor of the modern sales configurator. But this way of working has two significant disadvantages, which a configurator perfectly overcomes. This way you save work, time and money! Bekijk »

How to apply CPQ?

The term CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is increasingly finding its way into the marketing landscape. But the correct application of CPQ is an issue that many entrepreneurs, marketing and sales departments struggle with. We strongly believe in the power of CPQ, so it’s no wonder we made it our company name. In this blog we Bekijk »

What is CPQ

For us, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is more than a marketing term. It is a way of doing business that we fully embrace. It is therefore not for nothing that we have derived our company name from CPQ. Because in our opinion (almost) every company should be involved in implementing a CPQ solution. Because it Bekijk »

Custom Configurator vs. Configurator software

During a search for a suitable (product) configurator for your organization you probably encountered two different options; Generic Configurator software and Custom Configurator. Both options have the same goal in mind, enable your customers and/or field service to put together their own products or services and without the margin of error. Bekijk »

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