CPQing proudly supports the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation (Stichting Hulphond)!

CPQing proudly supports the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation!

A special page with a special purpose. Our very own Ronald Hensen (CEO of CPQing Solutions) is the temporary owner of a very special four-legged friend: Kappa, the assistance dog in training. Kappa will spend the first year and a half of his life under the roof of Ronald and his wife Mieke. They will teach him all manner of useful skills and when he is ready, Kappa will provide physical and/or emotional aid to a person in need of assistance. Of course, the tremendous amounts of companionship, warmth and love he brings to their home are a nice addition as well.



Guest family for a pup

Just before Christmas 2021, Kappa came to live under Ronald and Mieke’s roof. Last year was all about socialising young Kappa: he needs to be able to handle different noises, surfaces and heights, with lifts, trains and many more. After a year, he also needs to know over thirty different commands. This asks for a great deal of patience, attention, structure as well as time (about four hours a day!) of Ronald and Mieke. A task they happily fulfill, as the goal is a noble and rewarding one.

When the year and a half are over and Kappa has learned all he should at Ronald and Mieke’s, he will move to the main office of the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation. At this location, he will learn over 70 basic skills to help the physically impaired. This is mostly focused towards tasks to help someone in a wheelchair, such as opening doors, removing laundry from the machine and folding and unfolding the foot rests of a wheel chair. In another situation, he can be trained to be an assistance dog to people with PTSD or epilepsy.

the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation’s mission:

“The Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation helps people with a physical or mental demand for care, by deploying a assistance dog or via systemic, experience oriented therapy.”

CPQing is proud to contribute to this great mission. An assistance dog doesn’t only meet a physical or mental demand for care by helping out with the day-to-day, but also prevents a client from getting socially isolated and brings love and warmth to a home.

Excited to help?

Would you like to support the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation as well? That’s great! There is a variety of ways in which you can help out. One way of course is to tread in Ronald and Mieke’s footsteps and become a guest family for a puppy as well (click here for more information [Dutch website]). But you can also be a temporary host for an assistance dog when its owner e.g. goes on holiday or needs to visit the hospital, or you can adopt a retired assistance dog.

Another way is to join CPQing Solutions in financially supporting the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation. No matter what amount you can spare: click here (Dutch website) to support the Assistance Dogs Netherlands Foundation!

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