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The way in which companies and consumers purchase products and services is changing rapidly. The growth of online products and services is unstoppable. In addition, the modern (online) buyer and consumer is very visually focused and technology makes this possible. Companies respond to this by displaying products and services on their website with (3D) visualisations.


CPQing Solutions’ mission is to support this development by delivering a total concept. Not only by providing the very best CPQ sales and product configurator for the lowest price in the market, but also by providing services provided by the very best consultants. With their experience and best practices, they help you quickly and creatively reach your furthest goals.

CPQing Solutions means services in the area of implementation guidance, integration with third party applications, setting up e-commerce platforms, developing 3D models… in short, everything you need to sell your products and services responsibly via the internet.


Part of the Merkato Group

CPQing Solutions is part of the Merkato Group, a financially stable holding with multiple companies that all make use of the same rules engine to provide customers in different fields with digital solutions. The rules engine, Merkato, has been implemented succesfully at approximately 80 companies. By now, thousands of users worldwide use Merkate daily for their quoting activities. The rules engine CPQing provides is a variant of Merkato: you could look at it as a ‘Merkato Essentials’.

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Ronald Hensen

Bas Könst

Rinck Sonnenberg

Niek Hafkamp

IJbrand Schipperus

Luuk Oude Hampsink

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