The configurator

Put your own product together in our product configurator

The configurator is packed with company-specific knowledge rules for your product, texture, options, colors, prices and (im-)possibilities. Impossible combinations are not shown, so what is offered or purchased can always be delivered. With the CPQing Configurator you get software that improves processes in all departments of your company.

The product configurator

A product configurator is indispensable in the sales process of a product or service. Your salespeople or your customer can configure, view, quote and / or order his or her product as desired. The range of products offered by your company is often large and many variations can be possible. With every choice that the internal user or consumer makes, the possibilities change. With CPQing Configurator you ensure that impossible combinations are never made. The back-end consists of a rule engine in which you can input knowledge rules (configuration and calculation rules) that configure a product 100% correctly – no programming knowledge whatsoever necessary.

Sales configurator

Although a sales configurator does not have to differ much from a product configurator, our view is that a sales configurator should be a tool for (re-)sellers. They guide the buyer (often B2B) in the purchasing process and translate the buyer’s needs to a suitable solution. With a sales configurator it is even easier to give advise.

In practice, it turns out that making quotations takes a lot of time as knowledge of the correct product composition is not always available. By using a sales configurator that houses the knowledge of your best salespeople, users can make a 100% correct offer faster. A 3D visualization may help in making the right choices and selecting beneficial combinations.

User Interface

The user interface of CPQing Solutions is customizable entirely to your wishes, and you don’t have to leave CPQing Configurator to do it. Fully integrated within your own website, with carousel images or 3D visualisations: the choice is yours. Our consultants can help you make the right choice. Because a consumer has different needs than a salesperson. We call this “Form follows Function”.

A benefit to order management

You can connect your product configurator directly to your eCommerce platform for an increase in revenue. We offer standardized connections with e.g. WooCommerce, OpenCart and LightSpeed; a personalized link with your current software is always a possibility. Configured products can easily be put into your cart and paid for digitally. After payment, a sales order is automatically added to your production system.

The configurator enables (re-)sellers to make 100% producable offers to your customers. This of course is also beneficial to the order and production departments. The production department never again needs to ask which product configuration should be produced or which service should be provided. This leads to a significant reduction in your company’s error costs.

Rules engine

The rules engine (the driving force of our configurator) is the most powerful and quickest one in the market. The CPQing Configurator is therefore only limited by your imagination and your company’s limitations. We’d like you to experience this firsthand. By pressing the button below you will find our demo configurator. Using this configurator, you can compose your own. What is necessary to show and sell your product in the optimal way? Experience the comfort of a good configurator.

Our service

CPQing Solutions provides you with a complete package: in addition to the software component, we also provide a wide range of services. You can look forward to the implementation process with confidence.

We provide services such as training, implementation support, building a document template, modeling of graphic visualizations, website integration, integration with your e-commerce platform and integration with your CRM and / or ERP application. But you can also contact us for software maintenance & support.

And if you do not need any services from us; naturally, that’s fine too. The choice is yours.


We have standardized API connections for almost all modern sales and production systems. Start the sales process in your CRM system with selecting the customer that requested the quotation. Configure the solution in CPQing Configurator and send the quotation document via email or your own system to the customer. If the client accepts the order, automatically create a production order with the right bill of materials in your ERP system. We can also make connections to your ordering software, social media, customer portals and many others.

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