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Product configurator software for customized products

With the software from CPQing Solutions you can configure even the most complex and variable products easily and quickly. By providing the product configurator with your company-specific knowledge rules such as structure, options, colours, prices and (im)possibilities, non manufacturable products are a thing of the past. Users are guided through the product configuration process in an intelligent way. Our visual options immediately show customers what they have chosen in real time, every time they select a new option. The product configurator software from CPQing is software that improves processes in all departments of your company.

Online visual product generator

In the sales process of a product or service, visual product configurator software is indispensable. Your customer is able to compose, view, quote and/or order his or her product online as desired. We offer all kinds of different visualizations, to suit your every need.

The range of products you can manufacture is often large and there are many variations possible therein. These possibilities change with every choice made by the internal user or consumer. Thanks to the visual product configurator, you ensure that unproducible combinations cannot be made. Our back-end consists of a rules engine in which knowledge rules (configuration and calculation rules) can be recorded  – no programming knowledge necessary – that compose a 100% viable product.

Product configurator with 100% correct offer

Our CPQ software works on the basis of a rules engine. This rules engine, which drives the product configurator, is the most powerful and fastest in the market. Its flexibility is endless. We would like to let you experience it for yourself. Therefore you can request a free demo configurator to put together your own configuration and quickly see what is available to display and sell your product in the right way. Contact us and experience firsthand the convenience a good configurator brings.

The benefits of product configurator software

At CPQing we have chosen to go back to basics and, starting from there, put together a balanced product with only the main features of Merkato. You can view the CPQing product configurator as Merkato Essentials, where it always remains a possibility to eventually grow to a more extensive set of functions.

With our product configurator software you only use the essential functionality of its big brother Merkato. This makes the solution a very attractive option, price-wise: after all, you will only pay for what your company really needs.

The advantages of our configurator at a glance:

  • Visual purchase guidance for your customer
  • Professional looks
  • 100% correct offers (your quotes are always manufacturable)
  • Your sales team and customers know the standards and limitations per product or service
  • Complex products become simple and clear
  • You can control the content of the quotation document
  • Possibility to configure (and sell) online
  • Shorten your lead time (from quotation to production)
  • Less failure costs
  • Easily expandable software
  • Direct insight into costs and delivery times of variations
  • Can link to various eCommerce platforms
  • No IT or programming knowledge required for usage or implementation

Your custom UI, our configurator software

You can design the user interface with CPQing Solutions entirely to your liking within the CPQing Configurator, fully integrated within your own website. With dynamic images or other visualisations: the choice is yours. Our consultants can assist you in making the right choice for your company, for consumers can have different needs than an inside sales representative of your company. We call this “Form follows Function”.

Use the product configurator as a project catalog

By using the CPQing Configurator you can offer an entire catalogue of products to your customer. Whether you have two, twenty or two hundred products: for our product configurator software, every number is manageable.

In one environment you can record the general project parameters, such as the name and address details, expected delivery time, expected payment agreements and whether or not you want to add the general terms and conditions to the quotation document. Below that you can add the configuration of each individual product.

So firstly, you can be much more flexible in offering options thanks to the project catalog. Incidentally, for many manufacturing companies it is a necessity to be able to offer several products in one quotation (such as for a window manufacturer, trading companies or suppliers of office furnishings). Secondly, the technical side of your order is much easier and simpler to manage. For instance, would you like to offer certain extra services in your quotes? Then you only need to adjust this in one place in the product configurator. This makes managing the configurator very easy and therefore saves you time and money.

Integrate our online configurator into your order management

Connect your product configurator directly to your eCommerce platform for more sales. We have standard connections with WooCommerce, OpenCart and LightSpeed among others, ​​and can look at connecting other platforms together with you. The moment the configured order has been paid for online, a sales order is automatically created in your production system.

If your (re-)seller has advised a certain solution to the customer, the configurator makes sure you make 100% correct offers. This of course also has positive effects for the order and production process. There will be no more questions from the production department which product composition should be produced, or which service should be provided. This leads to a significant reduction in your company’s error costs.

CPQing as a sales configurator

Are you looking instead for a configurator for your sales organisation? The CPQing Configurator can easily be used as a sales configurator. Although there are no major differences with a product configurator, we view a sales configurator as being a tool for (re-)sellers. They guide the buyer (often Business to Business) in the purchasing process and translate the buyer’s wants and needs into a suitable product. With a sales configurator this advisory role becomes even easier.

In practice, we find that making quotations takes a lot of time for many firms and that knowledge of the correct product composition is not always widely available. By using a sales configurator in which the knowledge of your best sellers is implemented, all users can make a 100% correct offer faster. A 3D visualization may also assist in making the right choices and selecting visually pleasing combinations.

Do you want to use the CPQing configurator within your organization? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Why choose a product configurator from CPQing Solutions

CPQing Solutions provides you with an all-in-one solution for your configuration, pricing and quotation needs: in addition to the software component, we also provide a wide range of services. As a result, you can rest assured that the implementation process will be a comfortable one.

We provide services such as training, implementation support, document template building, graphical visualization modeling, website integration, integration with your e-commerce platform and integration with your CRM and/or ERP application. But you can also contact us for software maintenance and support.

And if you’re only interested in the software: that is fine as well, of course. The choice remains yours.

What makes our CPQ software unique?

Why we simply have the very best solution:

  • CPQing’s software has tons of functionality: CPQing’s software development started in 2004. Today we deliver the fifth generation of the software and therefore remain the most modern configurator on the market. It is therefore simply impossible for competitors who have only been in the market for a few years to offer our amount of functionality. That is why we follow the motto: “We already have the solutions for problems you have not yet thought about”. We can handle the most complex product and pricing rules.
  • Your own people can do the implementation and maintenance themselves: not the whizz kids from the IT department, but your own people in the field know what information is needed to sell products and services. Therefore, it is the knowledge of these people that should be secured in the configurator. Therefore, we designed CPQing in a way that makes it require absolutely no IT knowledge to successfully set it up for your business.
  • CPQing has the best price-performance ratio in the market: CPQing provides you with a solution at a lower rate than you think. Our prices are much more competitive than other suppliers in the market. We are happy to calculate this for you.
  • Setting up is a piece of cake: implementation takes days, not weeks. Product and price rules are recorded in so-called ‘decision tables’, which are very easily comprehensible to people of all technological backgrounds. Not only for products and services with few variants and options, but also for companies with a greater complexity. Not only today, but next year as well, when perhaps another employee has taken over maintenance.
  • Greatest flexibility in user interface development: while our competition is stuck in a single way of presenting information to the user, we offer you complete freedom. It is desirable to provide a different user interface for your internal employees than for your dealers or website visitors. Our software even offers the possibility to guide end consumers through the purchasing process. We call this “Form follows Functions”.
  • We are CPQ specialists and focus on connectivity: CPQing is a specialist in its field. This is a source of pride for us. We do not want to be a ERP or CRM system in disguise and therefore integrate seamlessly with all your applications for an optimal workflow. We deliver a cloud-based solution with an open API. Your workflow will be no exception to what our experienced people are able to automate.

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