As broad as the services industry is, as diverse are the range of applications of a configurator. The possibilities are innumerable: from quotations to putting together the right advice or making a schedule. The possible application of CPQing is described per niche market, which helps to form a picture of these possibilities. We are happy to advise you. Would you like to be sure we can do something for you? Do the configurator check in our own configurator environment.

Facility management
Banking and insurance


Government agencies use standards that should become personal. Think of ‘The digital counter’ where citizens can independently compose municipal services correctly. And internally there probably are Excel lists that are used for everything, which are very prone to errors. The use of a CPQing configurator to format these many personal documents ensures that documents can be formatted quickly and 100% error-free, which can save a lot of time. Input for this configurator can be obtained from existing systems by linking the systems, thus relieving duplication of work. This can be done digitally and therefore anywhere in the world. Both at home and at the office.

  • Laws and regulations
  • Document structure
  • Reporting
  • GDPR agreements
  • Contracts
  • General documentation
  • Specific documentation

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