Meeberg ISO Tanks

Meeberg ISO Tanks

Merkato Essentials as a “think tank” for both buyer and seller at Meeberg ISO Tanks
Every day, both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids are transported around the world via water, rail or road. These liquids are contained in different types of containers. Which type of container and which (protective) coatings are needed depends on the type of liquid. Meeberg ISO Tanks B.V. produces these tank containers according to the correct ISO standards. They also have Europe’s largest stock of refurbished tank containers. From their headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands, they do business all over the world. They sell their products in more than 90 countries, with the help of some independent dealers. The question of how they could sell new tanks more efficiently and easily kept them busy. Meeberg therefore started looking for a product configuration solution.

Product configuration on website

Meeberg used the search term “product configurator software” and came across CPQing Solutions’ website. And that turned out to be a hit! With CPQing Solutions, Meeberg discovered the advantages of Merkato Essentials as a product configurator. By integrating this on Meeberg’s website, an anonymous website visitor can, with the help of a cleverly designed questionnaire, directly indicate which options he is interested in. The result, including a 2D model and specification overview, is the perfect guide for Meeberg’s salespeople to get to the point. Moreover, it is useful input for their quotations, which they (still) make in another system.

Clear, error-free and fast

The fact that Web site visitors can configure their product directly on the Web site offers advantages for both the potential buyer and Meeberg’s salespeople. The potential buyer does not make wrong choices based on the questionnaire and sees immediately what he has put together. Meeberg’s salespeople then have a nice specification overview, which makes the conversation, the sale and the creation of the offers easier. It also helps that Merkato Essentials is a user-friendly tool in which the dynamic questionnaire can be created very quickly. It is easy to use and quick to embed in the website. Meeberg’s website will also be completely renewed and the product configurator will get a nice spot on it!

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