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Most of you know by now what exactly a product configurator does. If you would like to know more about this, please read this blog. But what not everyone can pinpoint exactly is what product configurator software does exactly, what options there are and how this software can be used within your company or organization.

In this blog we explain this to you. Then we give our vision on the software, taking the CPQ theme (configure, price, quote) as a starting point. After all, the CPQing software is not a disguised ERP or CRM system, but a fully-fledged product configurator that (for an optimal workflow) connects seamlessly to all your applications, including ERP and CRM systems.

What does a product configurator software do?

Although every product configurator is a form of software, there are definitely differences. For example, there are static configurators, where the software is written for one specific product or process. In this case, the product configurator is custom-made and is generally difficult to reuse for other products or processes. Software for a product configurator goes one step further and is made to easily and with a limited number of actions to create a create product configurator. As a result, implementation takes weeks, not months – for any kind of product!

CPQing has been developing software for product configurators since 2004. We are currently delivering the fifth generation of our software. With this we dare to say that we are the most modern (and simplest) software on the market. Thanks to these years of experience, our software has been tested and proven with the composition of various products. That is why we use the motto: “We already have solutions for problems you have never thought about.” After all, our software can handle all your complex product and pricing rules.

No programming knowledge required

Using product-configurator-software has you don’t need employees with programming knowledge. It is not the IT department that is the product-configurator compiles, but the employees who work with your producten or serviceen. These are the employees who know what information is needed to sell your products or services and what possibilities and impossibilities are involved . By means of knowledge rules (configuration and calculation rules) and decision tables you determine which variations are and are not possible.

3D or visual product configuration software

Where our competition often insists on presenting information to the user in a single way, our product configurator software gives you complete freedom. For example, you can choose whether you use visual support in the product configurator: the possibility to add 3D images. But since creating 3D images is often a time and money consuming process, standard images can also be included in the configurator. Our pragmatic advice is often to start with the latter. Set up the configurator with all the necessary knowledge and business rules, enjoy the efficiency you have achieved and then pimp up the configurator with 2D and/or 3D visualisations. Ultimately, it is about the control that you as a user have over the process thanks to a configurator and that you see the influence of your choices on, for example, the price, delivery time and other relevant parameters.

The product configurator software of CPQing Solutions in addition, gives you the option to present the entered information in different ways. This way you can create a different user interface for your internal employees, dealers and even website visitors. In this way you can guide end customers through the purchasing process. We call this the ‘orm follows functions’ principle. This means that our product configuration software is not only suitable for configuring products, but can also be used as guided selling-software of quotation software.

CPQ as a starting point

We believe in CPQ as the starting point of our software – it is our starting point and company name for a reason. CPQ ( configure , p rice, quote )is all about what solution you offer the customer, for what price, with what delivery time and under what other conditions. And that is exactly the added value of CPQ software. Your CRM software monitors the customer relationship and your ERP software takes care of order processing and production through to invoicing smooth and correct expires. CPQ software fills the gap, it provides control and insight into your offer and quotation process. That is why a productconfigurator with CPQ as value-added starting point. Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Production, Design, finance: everyone benefits from de CPQing Configurator. And CPQing Solutions is the CPQ software of choiceprovider of the Netherlands! We provide a cloud-based solution with an open API. Our people have the experience to automate your workflow as well.

The benefits are endless

The implementation of a configurator is different for every company and can differ per industry. However, there are advantages that are the same for every company in every industry, regardless of the application:

  • Visual purchase guidance for customer
  • Professional Appearance
  • Guaranteed correct offers (quotations always manufacturable)
  • Always direct insight into all standards and limitations of all products or services
  • Complex products are displayed in a simple and clear manner
  • Control over the contents of the quotation document
  • Ability to configure (and sell) online
  • Lead time is significantly reduced (from quotation to production)
  • Less failure costs
  • Easy to extend
  • Direct insight into costs and delivery times of variations

Do you also want your construction supply company to be able to call on all the benefits of a configurator soon? Please feel free to contact to discuss the possibilities, or experience the convenience for yourself with your own demo-environment.

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