The configurator as a dynamic questionnaire

From static forms with too little response to dynamic questionnaires that ensure conversion!

It goes without saying that the Merkato Essentials can be used as a ‘classic’ configurator that optimizes and automates all kinds of business processes. After all, that is the core of the software. But there is also an increasing demand for the use of a configurator as a dynamic questionnaire: based on dependent knowledge rules. And the Merkato Essentials can also arrange that for you.

The problem and the solution

Many companies are looking for an accessible solution for the old static forms on the website. These quotation request forms have fields for entering name and address details and sometimes a text block for additional questions or comments. Unfortunately, these companies have one thing in common: they get very little response to the static lists.  

To generate more leads, it pays to make the transition from a system without knowledge rules to a dynamic questionnaire: a list full of dependent knowledge rules that ensure the dynamic character of these forms.  

Merkato Essentials

But there’s more! Many companies that started with the configurator as a dynamic questionnaire, then went further and used the configurator as a basis for reviewing the entire internal quotation and order process.  

An earplug company wanted to control the entire order process through a dynamic questionnaire that customers can use to order earplugs. It soon became clear that they can also improve the underlying processes with a configurator. For example, after implementing the dynamic questionnaire, the company immediately went a step further by using the configurator more widely.  


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