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Since 2004, CPQing Solutions has been a specialist in product configuration software. We are currently in our fifth generation of software which is easy to integrate online into web shops, WordPress websites or eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify and LightSpeed. The online configurator works on the basis of a Rules Engine in which – without programming knowledge – knowledge rules (configuration and calculation rules) can be defined that compose the product 100% correctly. After that, they can be easily ordered and paid for online.

The website configurator for every platform

In addition to the fact that our (3D) product configurator works perfectly with WordPress, it can be integrated with OpenCart, Shopify and LightSpeed, among others. It is therefore the ideal eCommerce configurator. It does not matter what type of product or service you wish to sell online, thanks to the self-configurable Rules Engine in combination with (3D) visualization technology, only producible options are shown. In this way, only correct, error-free and producible products can be put together. Of course, these can – if desired – be ordered online.

In addition to being able to set up this product configurator for websites including WooCommerce, you can use the style sheet of your website to give the online configurator the same look-and-feel. Also, the user interface, just like all documents that are delivered during the composition of the product, can be delivered in your webshop in any language, regardless of the knowledge rules. A combination example: use an English user interface to send a Spanish document to South America.

Configure online with 100% correct offers

The most important task of a good online configurator is that the assembled products can actually be produced. This way you never have to report back that choices made unfortunately do not work because part A does not fit part B or that color combinations are not possible after all. But also that your range of services, for example the sales of software, works slightly differently than the customer expects. With CPQing Solutions’ CPQ software, incorrectly assembled products are a thing of the past. You always make a 100% correct offer that can be paid directly on your website. Whether you use WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify or LightSpeed for your webshop.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote and supports all processes between your CRM and ERP application. These applications lack the functionalities to support quotation and order processes, which is exactly what CPQ software does. You do not need an IT department to set up the website configurator. It is precisely the people who know your product range best (salesmen or product developers) who know what information is needed to always arrive at a product that is available. It is therefore these people who must fill the Rules Engine in the product configurator in order to achieve a successful design of the online configurator. And that can be done without any programming or IT knowledge.

No (WordPress) plugin just a few lines of code on the website

If the product and price rules are linked to the online configurator via so-called ‘decision tables‘, the integration is a matter of a few minutes. CPQing Solutions does not work with a (WordPress) plugin, but by adding a few lines of code. For example, the product configurator is online in two minutes on your website and you have no hassle with extra plugins that can affect the loading speed of your website, but also no restrictions in the look-and-feel of the online configurator. By using the style sheet of your website, this fits seamlessly with your house style.

Due to this working method, the implementation of the website configurator takes days, not weeks. The recording of product and price rules in the decision tables has been made as simple and clear as possible. Whether you add products or services with few variants or options, or have a range of complex products. Anyone with knowledge about your product can work with our clear software. So even if adjustments have to be made next year, and another user has taken over the management, it is a simple process.

Choose the functionalities of your online configurator yourself

There are various options for creating an online configurator for your website. Many involve high investments. CPQing has opted for a different approach, one where you do not have high investment costs but do use the best rules engine on the market; Merkato. With CPQing you only pay for the functionalities you use, this is possible from €230 per month. If the product configurator on your website does not deliver what you expected, you are not committed to anything, you can cancel the contract monthly.

Why the CPQing Solutions product configurator?

The modern, visually oriented customer nowadays wants more and more information, to immediately see and order the (unique) end product or service. This process must run flawlessly, especially when options are involved. By using our (3D) configuration software, your purchase or sales process becomes much easier and 100% error-free.

Other providers of CPQ software or product configurator plugins for online configurations on a CMS such as WordPress (or specifically WooCommerce) often only offer a limited number of knowledge rules. CPQing Solutions offers you the opportunity to work clearly with thousands of knowledge rules. This is because the knowledge rules are recorded in clear decision tables and not in Excel-like formulas.

CPQing Solutions gives you the choice to opt for a total solution, but also gives you the choice to do without our services. For example, we can support you during implementation through training, building a document template, modeling graphic visualization(s), website integration, integration with your e-commerce platform and integration with your CRM and/or ERP application. But also for software maintenance & support you can contact us.

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