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Do you have a service or product(s) in which variations are possible? Then you probably know how difficult it is to draw up a good quotation that exactly meets the customer’s wishes, while it does not cost you an unnecessary amount of time. CPQing offers an online configurator with visualization technology that allows your customer to put together his or her own product or service. Thanks to the configuration rules, the customer, seller or dealer can only make correct, error-free and producible choices. Our quotation software even works with a range of complex products. Prevent errors, save time and let customers put together your product (online), request a quote or even order directly online.

The quote tool for a variable or modular product range

Made-to-order products or services are often preceded by a time-consuming quotation process. Thanks to our CPQing Configurator that is a thing of the past. Customers, sellers or dealers can design your products according to their wishes. But of course with the restrictions you set. This prevents impossible combinations from being made.

The configurator offers the option to work with dynamic images or 3D visualizations. This way your customers are visually triggered during the purchasing process and immediately see the end result. Our quotation software works on the basis of a rules engine, so you specify which variations and options are possible and which are impossible. By linking your pricing to all variables of the configuration process, no errors can occur in your quotes. It even becomes a piece of cake to provide sellers, dealers and customers worldwide with the right prices. And we offer the possibility to differentiate per person, country, day or configuration. For example, multiple levels based on roles and rights can be set up in no time at all. You not only simplify your quotation system, you also make it 100% accurate and visual for your potential customers.

Easy to integrate quotation software

Stand-alone quotation software is of no use to anyone. Okay hardly anyone. That is why CPQing Solutions has standard API connections for almost all modern sales and production systems. But we also offer links to ordering systems, customer portals and many others. For example, you can easily integrate our product configurator into your WooCommerce, OpenCart or LightSpeed webshop, but your (re)sellers can also easily use our software during a sales conversation.

Thanks to the standard API links, our quotation software becomes part of your sales process. Your sales process can still start in a CRM system. After compiling the (custom) solution with the CPQing Configurator, you simply send the quotation document and hang the quotation document on the customer in the CRM system. If desired, it will be formatted in your chosen language. If the customer agrees with the quotation, a production order with the correct parts list can be automatically created in your ERP system. That saves a lot of work!

Get more control over all your processes

A good quote tool not only provides suitable and executable quotes, but also provides more control over your processes. Removing the margin of error indirectly gives you more control over sales, production, inventory management, purchasing and forecasting. Whatever you want to use our quotation software for, the possibilities are endless. The CPQing Configurator can be integrated in (almost) all branches.

The software works with dynamic images or visualisations, whichever is more convenient for your product(s) or service. It is the ideal addition to a sales conversation in which your (re)seller advises the customer on a solution. Because there are no impossibilities in the configurator, you always make a 100% correct quotation, which of course has positive effects on the order and production process. In this way, error costs are minimized and the departments work together in harmony.

Visual quotation and sales software

Only a beautifully prepared quote is no longer of this time. Customers are increasingly visual and want to see what they are buying. Our sales software allows customers to put together their own product(s) or services in a visual way. For example, selling online becomes a lot easier, but it also works very smoothly and smoothly during a face-to-face sales conversation to visually click through the options. CPQing Solutions even offers the possibility to design your product in 3D. For example, your customers (together with a salesperson) go through the assembly process to implement any possible change or wish directly in the configurator. This is immediately visualized so that you can already make a tangible impression through the quotation.

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Why choose quotation software from CPQing Solutions

Standard quotation software mainly focuses on creating personal quotations and monitors the status of the quotation. CPQing Solutions goes big steps further. Your customer puts together what he wants to achieve, without errors or impossibilities arising. And all this via the best rules engine available in the market at a competitive rate!

You don’t need an IT department or programming knowledge. The recording of product and price rules in the decision tables has been made as simple and clear as possible. Whether you add products or services with few variants or options, or have a range of complex products. Anyone with knowledge about your product can set up our user-friendly software.

We will of course be happy to support and help you further. We provide services such as training, implementation support, building a document template, modeling graphic visualization(s), website integration, integration with your e-commerce platform and integration with your CRM and/or ERP application. Also for software maintenance & support you can contact us.

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