Products with different dimensions

Automation is the future! But while one construction company is perhaps a bit skeptical, the other can no longer live without it. In all layers of the organization, in almost all branches, but certainly also at building supplies, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to sell tailor -made products. And- also not unimportant- 2D or 3D visualisations are an increasingly crucial part of the market and can make the difference between a customer to opt for your product or lose to your competitor. The solution? A configurator!

From tables to garage doors, from fences to counter tops, from cupboards to shutters, all these products have at least one common denominator: the variable dimensions ensure a large amount of product variants with often all their own price. And yet automation is also is extremely suitable for measuring production procedures!

Composite products

As you know, different sizes and/or dimensions have a major influence on the prices of your products, the possibilities, impossibilities, transport costs and many more aspects. For much Building cooling companies the ‘hassle with pieces’ is the big bear on the road on the path to automate. In particular, companies fear a real chaos in ERP package (for example: Exact Online), because the idea is that pieces of compound products (from parts with different dimensions) must all be provided with their own product codes and prices. Some variations in dimensions can quickly yield thousands of separate pieces. We understand that you fit for this – because it is not necessary for anything.

The use of a configurator (such as our cpqing Configurator ) drastically reduces the number of pieces. How? Easy! By only importing your basic products and their variations from your ERP system to the CPQing Configurator, our software (based on the variants) can generate compound article codes. These codes are automatically provided with accompanying commercial product descriptions and of course the price is also automatically calculated on the basis of the price statements of the (individual) parts.

Click here to read more about the link between our CPQing Configurator and Exact Online .

Good to know: We also have couplings including Exact Globe, Microsoft Central Business, Isah and Ridder IQ.

The product configurator is therefore also perfectly deployed in the quotation process of your construction company: the margin of error is drastically (often even zero) reduced because impossibilities are excluded. Your quotation documents are therefore guaranteed. And what has been offered, can of course also be produced!

Configure and quote without product knowledge

Because not only the options, but also the unpossibilities are included in the configurator, it is no longer possible to configure, offer or produce unproducable products. This allows your salespeople, dealers, resellers and your customers to put together products themselves – even without active product knowledge. The quotation will always be correct. By also using the configurator as quotation software, you not only relieve your sales and work planners, but you can also create your new sellers also get to work themselves in no time.

Curious what your quotes will look like with our configurator? Request a non-binding demo today and discover the possibilities. This gives you insight into the way our rules engine works, in which you can record knowledge rules (configuration and calculation rules) without programming knowledge. But also how you can easily maintain your current house style.

The benefits of CPQing

The implementation of a configurator is different for every company and can differ per industry. However, there are advantages that are the same for every company in every industry, regardless of the application:

  • Visual purchase guidance for customer
  • Professional appearance
  • Guaranteed correct offers (quotes always reproducible)
  • Always direct insight into all standards and limitations of all products or services
  • Complex products are displayed in a simple and clear manner
  • Control over the content of the quotation document
  • Possibility to configure (and sell) online
  • Lead time is considerably shortened (from quotation to production)
  • Less failure costs
  • Easy to expand
  • Direct insight into costs and delivery times of variations

Do you also want your construction company to be able to make use of all the advantages of a configurator in the near future? Please feel free to contact to discuss the possibilities, or experience the convenience for yourself with your own demo-environment.

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