Sales configurator vs. Product configurator

If you know what a configurator is, you will soon come across two terms; sales configurator and product configurator. In this blog we will discuss both terms, what they mean and how they differ from each other. You can then decide for yourself which type of configurator is best for your organization. It is good to know that the CPQ software from CPQing Solutions can be used for both purposes. Extra functionalities can easily be added to our product configurator, making it a valuable support for your field service, dealers or sales team.

The difference between a sales and product configurator

Fair is fair, the difference between a sales and a product configurator is paper thin. Some experts claim that it is rather a difference of interpretation. In practice, CPQing sees that the term product configurator is mainly used for the correct processing of orders in your ERP application, while a sales configurator offers you convenience during the sales process – especially for sales teams or dealers who work remotely. As indicated, the CPQing software can be used for both applications, but to provide a complete picture, we will discuss both forms of the configurator to make the differences even clearer.

The product configurator

With a product configurator, the knife cuts both ways. The customer can assemble his or her own product while you as a producer have the certainty that this composite product can also be produced 100% correctly. Examples of a product configurator can be found in the consumer retail sector, but also in more complex business-to-business products, such as the industry and mechanical engineering. The modern customer would like to have an influence on the final product, want to be able to make their own choices and at least have the feeling that they have put together a unique product themselves. On the other hand, as a producer or supplier, you do not want to sell impossible-to-produce products. By recording all manufacturable options by means of knowledge rules, the customer can only configure products that are 100% manufacturable. With a simple link to your (WooCommerce) website, a product configurator enables you to sell your products online immediately.

A product configurator provides:

  • Generating 100% producible products and prevents production errors or impossibilities.
  • Convenience with which the customer gains insight into the product to be put together.

The sales configurator

Where the product configurator mainly ensures that your customers can put together their ideal product themselves, the sales configurator goes one step further. This is mainly used to support the field service (guided selling). This is a useful addition, especially in the case of more complex products or services. Because just like a product configurator, configuration rules are used here so that you can be sure that the quoted product can always be produced and delivered. Making the process transparent for customers (they can easily make variations and see changes in price or delivery time) makes it even easier for your sales team to take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. During the conversation, a quote can be drawn up, even on location. In addition to the quotation, the sales configurator can, based on the chosen product, also produce the quotation document, contract, production slip, bill-of-material, building instruction and/or, for example, the manual with one click of the button. Once the production times have been mapped out, a delivery time can even be issued on location. This optimizes the entire process, from preparing quotations to a minimal margin of error in production. This saves time and money.

A sales configurator takes care of:

  • The possibility of guided selling and therefore more up- and cross-sell possibilities.
  • Easily and quickly preparing quotations and other documents.
  • 100% producible quotes.
  • Minimize costs, errors and lead times.

Choose between a sales and product configurator

Although in essence the sales and product configurator are very similar, the application is definitely different. The sales configurator goes further, it offers support from the quotation by your field service to production. It is a way to optimize business processes across the board, where a product configurator mainly enables customers to assemble their own product with the guarantee that you can also produce it. Are you still unsure which configurator is best for your organization? We are happy to think along with you about how our software can best be used. You can contact us without obligation or request a free demo.

The benefits are endless

The implementation of a configurator is different for every company and can differ per industry. However, there are advantages that are the same for every company in every industry, regardless of the application:

  • Visual purchase guidance for customer
  • Professional Appearance
  • Guaranteed correct offers (quotations always manufacturable)
  • Always direct insight into all standards and limitations of all products or services
  • Complex products are displayed in a simple and clear manner
  • Control over the contents of the quotation document
  • Ability to configure (and sell) online
  • Lead time is significantly reduced (from quotation to production)
  • Less failure costs
  • Easy to extend
  • Direct insight into costs and delivery times of variations

Do you also want your construction supply company to be able to call on all the benefits of a configurator? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities, or experience the convenience for yourself with your own demo environment.

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