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The sales process of complex (often technical) products can be very time-consuming. Not to mention the error proneness. This is even more the case when the product range is configurable. Thorough knowledge is then required of how the (potential) customer will use the product and of the (im)possibilities of the production process. And this is where a reliable sales configurator can make the difference: software that takes all this off your hands and bridges the gap between the field service and the production department.

A sales configurator draws up error-free and reproducible quotations in no time at all, based on the predefined configuration rules. All this ensures a minimum margin of error and a maximum saving of time and money: across the entire business! This way you can focus on maintaining your (customer) relationships with peace of mind.

Online sales configurator

In the case of complex or technical products, it can be difficult for the field service to draw up error-free quotations. This becomes even more difficult if they also have to take into account peripheral matters such as delivery times, prices, discounts, dimensions, financing options and warranty conditions. Add all this together and the result is a complex issue for your salespeople, account managers or dealers. Because at the same time, the needs of the customer must also be taken into account and you also want to be able to make an attractive proposal. This is exactly what our sales configuration software responds to. The CPQing back-end consists of a rules engine in which – without programming knowledge – knowledge rules (configuration and calculation rules) can be recorded that put together products 100% correctly. By then taking the software (online) to the customer, the process is also made transparent and visual for them. Variations on the product can be made and our software immediately shows what effect that variation has on the price and/or delivery time. This makes it even easier for your sales team to take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Because a well-designed sales configurator only shows producible options, it becomes possible to issue a suitable and producible quote even without full product knowledge. Your field service no longer needs to be technically substantiated in detail and they can focus on maintaining (customer) relationships. This while the sales configurator ensures that the product is technically correct.

Therefore, request a non-binding demo configurator to put together your own configuration and to experience the convenience of a good configurator for yourself. This way you can quickly see what is needed to show and sell your product in the right way.

The CPQing sales configurator provides:

  • The possibility of guided selling and therefore more up- and cross-sell possibilities.
  • Easily and quickly preparing quotations and other documents.
  • 100% producible quotes.
  • Minimization of costs, errors and lead times.

In addition to the quotation, the sales configurator can, based on the chosen product, also produce a quotation document, contract, production slip, bill-of-material, building instruction and/or manual, for example, at the touch of a button. Once the production times have been mapped out, a delivery time can even be issued on location. This optimizes the entire process: from drawing up quotations to a minimal margin of error in production. This saves time and money.

Our software as product configurator

The CPQ software from CPQing Solutions can be used flexibly. You only pay for the functionalities that your company really needs. Is the above too much for your business? Then our software can also be used as product configurator, where your customers can put together their ideal product themselves (possibly online) and even order it online via your website. This is an interesting alternative if you have less technical products that can be sold without the intervention of your field service. In essence, not much changes: the rules engine with knowledge rules is the same, which means that the product configurator always shows 100% manufacturable options. But by omitting the extra functions for the field service, the product configurator is a very attractive choice in terms of price; after all, you only pay for what your company really needs. In our blog we take a closer look at the differences between a product and sales configurator.

Why a sales configurator from CPQing Solutions?

CPQing Solutions provides a total solution: in addition to the software component, we also provide a wide range of services. This means you can look forward to the implementation process with confidence.

We provide services such as training, implementation support, building a document template, modeling of graphical visualization(s), website integration, integration with your e-commerce platform and integration with your CRM and/or ERP application. But you can also contact us for software maintenance and support.

Are you interested in our software, but not in our services? No problem, that can of course also be arranged.

What makes our CPQ software unique?

Why we simply have the very best solution:

Merkato Essentials has an extreme amount of functionality.

In 2004, CPQing software development started. Today we deliver the fifth generation of the software and therefore remain the most modern configurator in the market. It is therefore impossible that competitors who have only been active for a few years in the market, have the same amount of functionality. That is why we use the motto: “We already have solutions for problems you have never thought about”. We can handle all your complexity of product and pricing rules.

People from the business do the design and management themselves.

Not the people from the IT department, but your people from the business know what information is needed to sell products and services. It is therefore these people who must be able to safeguard their knowledge in the configurator. Therefore, absolutely no IT knowledge is required to successfully set up CPQing.

CPQing has the best price-functionality ratio in the market.

CPQing provides you with a solution for a lower investment than you think. Our prices are much sharper than other suppliers in the market. We are happy to calculate this for you.

The implementation is a piece of cake.

Deployment takes days, not weeks. Product and price rules are recorded in so-called ‘decision tables’. This is very simple and clear. Not only for products and services with few variants and options, but also for companies with greater complexity. Not only today, but also next year, when another user may have taken over management.

Greatest flexibility in developing the user interface.

Where the competition is stuck in a single way of presenting information to the user, we offer you complete freedom. You want a different user interface for your internal employees than for your dealers or website visitors. We even enable you to guide end customers through the purchasing process. We call this “Form follows Functions”.

We are CPQ specialist and focus on connectivity.

CPQing is a specialist in its field. We are proud of this. We do not want to be a disguised ERP- or CRM-system and therefore integrate seamlessly with all your applications for an optimal workflow. We deliver a cloud-based solution with an open API. Our people have the experience to automate your workflow as well.

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