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By optimizing the workflow, or using people, resources and time as effectively as possible, a lot can be gained. Especially if you already work with an e-commerce platform that your customers are familiar with. In this blog we tell you more about how a webshop product configurator can improve the workflow of your organization. To this end, we first explain the term workflow, and then discuss the effect of using an (online) product configurator on the workflow. Finally, we highlight the CPQ configurator, which can be easily integrated on all e-commerce platforms.

Improve your organization’s workflow

With the workflow we mean predefined and repeatable work patterns. It can therefore be said that a workflow describes the working method in which employees must perform actions in a (usually) fixed order. Now it may sound like a workflow only occurs in the manufacturing industry where employees make the same product every time. But nothing could be further from the truth, there is also talk of a workflow when an order or request for quotation is processed. The workflow includes all actions that are done between the moment of the order (or request) until the moment that either a quote is drawn up and sent, or the product is delivered to this customer.

By managing, simplifying and improving these recurring patterns within your organization, the necessary savings can be achieved. Savings in time (manpower) and therefore directly on costs. A product configurator is an ideal tool to make it easier to issue 100% correct quotations, or direct sales via the e-commerce channel. An online product configurator saves you time (man hours), errors and therefore money.

With many of our clients we have seen a strong improvement in the workflow. For example, Van Zelst Automaten saves about 35 hours a week when preparing quotations after using the configurator. In addition, suitable quotations are now more easily issued for smaller requests and cross-selling is stimulated.

The integration of an online product configurator

As we have briefly mentioned above, a product configurator helps to prevent errors. Especially in the case of e-commerce, you must ensure that the products can actually be produced and delivered for products that you put together yourself (whether it concerns color, fit or extra options). After payment, the customer expects delivery within the agreed time. With a well-structured product configurator, in which you yourselfwithout programming knowledgeadd knowledge rules, you prevent product combinations being made that cannot be can be produced or delivered. This means you do not have to disappoint a customer with the news that the product cannot be delivered.

The CPQing Solutions product configurator also contributes to the wishes of the modern, visually oriented customer. By adding visuals (static images, renderings, dynamic images, 2D or 3D animations) the customer sees exactly the influence of choices made. Both on the product and on the price or, for example, the delivery time. Because the customer is actively involved in putting together his or her product, the purchase intention increases and thus the overall conversion rate of the e-commerce channel.

CPQing Solutions does not work with a (WordPress) plugin, but by adding a few lines of code. The product configurator is online on your website in two minutes. And so you have no hassle with extra plugins that can affect the loading speed of your website and no restrictions in the look-and-feel of the configurator. By using the style sheet of your website, this fits seamlessly with your house style.

The product configurator for every e-commerce platform

The range of product configurators for online use within an e-commerce platform varies greatly. In terms of implementation, but also when we look at functionalities. The product configurator plugins for WordPress (or specifically WooCommerce) often only offer a limited number of knowledge rules. Our configurator is self-contained software that can be easily integrated into any e-commerce platform (such as Woocommerce, OpenCart, Shopify and LightSpeed).

To implement the product configurator, our developers build a link specifically designed for your webshop. This way we know for sure that the CPQing software works perfectly with the e-commerce platform you use. A major advantage of our software is that there are no restrictions on knowledge rules. All knowledge rules are recorded in clear decision tables and not in Excel-like formulas or programming language. This way you keep control over the configurator and work with an optimal workflow.

The CPQing Configurator can get the same look and feel via the style sheet of your own website. In addition, the user interface, just like all documents that are delivered during the compilation of the product, of your webshop can be delivered in any language, independent of the knowledge rules. So you can (continue to) sell internationally with our product configurator.

Curious about the possibilities to improve the workflow of your organization with our product configurator? Request a free demo today or contact direct contact to discuss your situation with one of our specialists.

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