Construction supply company, but still without a configurator?

Treat yourself to the benefits!

Within construction supply companies, the use of a configurator is increasingly common. We understand this trend very well, of course. After all, there are numerous imaginable applications with which a configurator can provide great efficiency gains.

Optimize and speed up

This also applies to construction supply companies. Many products within the construction supply industry are perfectly configurable (think of frames, doors, sinks, air conditioners, etc.). This means that a configurator can optimize and speed up a lot of processes in this respect. Many construction supply companies also want to integrate a configurator into their website, so that customers can explore a few things themselves. The software also ensures that quotations are converted into producible orders. While entering all characteristics, work preparation is done in the background in real time. This way you and your customers always have direct insight into the current price.


Not only can the software provide significant improvements in the processes, a configurator can also provide 2D or 3D visualisations. Based on the entered characteristics, your customers can immediately see the consequences of certain choices for the final product.

Our customers speak

Several of our customers are construction supply companies. Below we take you through two stories.

Staka Metallics is a big s player in the control cabinet market. In addition, Staka is one of the two largest players in the roof hatch market and they export to various European countries. They mainly supply to contractors, installers and intermediaries. At their main location in Oosterhout, North Brabant, all their products start as stainless steel plates and all processing to the desired end product is done entirely internally. Staka Metallics has engaged CPQing as a software supplier to from now on prepare quotations flawlessly and to ultimately convert them into producible orders.

As a constant forerunner in the modernization of their market, Staka wanted the customer to see a direct 3D visualization of the resulting product during the product composition, which then changes in real time with the chosen specifications. As a result, the customer can now also put together special sizes from the website, which are then directly entered into the ERP system.

With more than 25 years of craftsmanship Eribel Solid an experienced and reliable project partner in the production of frame for doors. The company manufactures the frames for the doors which parent company Eribel sells.

Eribel sends Eribel Solid an Excel file with the door specifications that the CPQing configurator then reads. Based on this Excel import, the CPQing configurator then automatically configures all frames. Finally, the configurator generates a material and routing list. The routing list is used to provide a saw optimization package with data, so that production can actually take place.

Eribel Solid also chose CPQing, because the software is also used as a calculation tool. This ensures that Eribel can calculate in advance what the costs are for the production of the frames. This then leads to a price overview.

The benefits are endless

The implementation of a configurator is different for every company and can vary by industry. However, there are benefits that are the same for any company in any industry, regardless of application:

  • Visual purchase guidance for customer
  • Professional look
  • Guaranteed correct offers (quotes always manufacturable)
  • Always direct insight into all standards and limitations of all products or services
  • Complex products are displayed in a simple and clear manner
  • Control over the contents of the quotation document
  • Ability to configure (and sell) online
  • Lead time is significantly reduced (from quotation to production)
  • Less failure costs
  • Easy to extend
  • Direct insight into costs and delivery times of variations

Do you also want your construction supply company to be able to call on all the benefits of a configurator soon? Please feel free to contact to discuss the possibilities, or experience the convenience for yourself with your own demo environment.

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